Solstar Pharma Appoints Prof. Nahum Sonenberg as Scientific Advisor

Solstar Pharma is pleased to announce the appointment of Nahum Sonenberg, PhD to its Board of Scientific Advisors. In this role, Prof. Sonenberg will leverage his extensive experience in RNA and cancer research to help guide Solstar Pharma’s projects and overall R&D strategy. “We are extremely proud to welcome Prof. Sonenberg to our Scientific Advisory […]

Solstar Pharma Files PCT Patent Applications for COVID-19

Solstar Pharma, Inc. has filed two International Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications for coverage of the invention titled, “Antiviral Silencing RNA molecules, Chemically Modified Antiviral Silencing RNA Molecules With Enhanced Cell Penetrating Abilities, Pharmaceutical Compositions Comprising Same And Uses Thereof For Treatment Of Viral Infections” with a filing date of September 3rd, 2021 and “Water-Soluble […]

Solstar Pharma announces the publication of its patent related to H. pylori

We are pleased to announce that our first patent is available online today and has been officially published on December 30, 2020 under number WO2020257936: “EXTENDED RELEASE GASTRORETENTIVE FORMULATION AGAINST HELICOBACTER PYLORI.” Our formulated water-soluble active pharmaceutical ingredients were developed to address the issue of antibiotic-resistant H. pylori infections. You can click here to learn […]

Solstar Pharma Signs a Global License & Research Agreement with GF Mille, Japan for the Development of Novel RNA drugs for the Treatment of Cancer and Infectious Diseases

Laval, QC — April 2, 2020 — Solstar Pharma, Inc., a pharmaceutical company based in Laval, Canada developing antimicrobial agents, announced today that it has signed a global license and collaborative research agreement with GF Mille located in Gifu, Japan. The collaborative research program will involve various developments of small molecules designed with GF Mille’s intellectual […]